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Produce green energy - even on cloudy days

Our panels are designed for European countries and simply need light to produce electricity. Prices start from £3,999 with No deposit

Great Finance Offers Available

1 Year Deferred – Nothing to pay until Year 2
4.8% Interest
No Early repayment penalties
Low Threshold for credit approval

The average energy price increase in the UK is 7% per year...

…our Solar Panel prices have reduced by 70% over the last few years

Reduce your carbon footprint

Clean energy means you can reduce your carbon emissions by up to 1 tonne per annum. Solar Power saves the environment whilst saving you money.

Get between a 10% – 15% annual return on your investment
You get paid for the electricity you generate and for that you don’t use. The Government’s feed-in-tariff pays a set rate per kWh of electricity generated and an additional rate for any exported back to the national grid.
Receive a tax free income. The feed-in tariff is guaranteed by the Government for 20 years and will rise in line with inflation.
Finance Options Available
Nothing to pay until Year 2, 4.8% Interest, No Early repayment penalties, Low Threshold for credit approval

We save you money

Save up to 50% on your Electricity Bill & earn up to £300 per year from the Government Feed In Tariff


We save you time

Why spend time going from site to site completing lots of forms when you can visit us, complete a single form and we’ll do all the leg work… it’s that simple (you can even do it on your tablet or smartphone)!

Our services are FREE

Yes that’s right. We do the work, you save time and money and we won’t charge you a penny for finding you a quote.

Solar Panel Quotes using Europe’s top products

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Finance Options Available

1 Year Deferred – Nothing to pay until Year 2 • 4.8% Interest • No Early repayment penalties • Low Threshold for credit approval

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